Additional Uses for Popular WordPress Plugins


Yoast SEO for Better Social Sharing

With over 1-million active installs, Yoast SEO is known as the go-to SEO plugin for WordPress developers. However, Yoast also has a powerful set of social media sharing tools that allow your posts to look great when shared on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

When you activate these features, the Yoast SEO plugin will automatically insert the proper meta tags into your websites HEAD to ensure your posts are optimized for Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards.

Yoast SEO for Breadcrumb Navigation

With a couple of clicks and a few lines of code, you can quickly add a breadcrumb navigation to your WordPress site without needing to install an additional plugin.

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Redirection for Outbound Link Tracking and Link Masking/Shortening

The Redirection plugin by John Godley (an Automattic employee) makes it really easy to setup 301 redirects after moving a website or changing domains. But it is also a great tool for tracking outbound link clicks and “masking” those outbound links.

Instead of having to remember a long affiliate link, you can setup a simple redirect such as And whenever someone clicks that link, it will show up in your Redirects Panel as a “hit” – allowing you to easily see which affiliate links are getting the most clicks.

While there are other ways to achieve this, your most likely already using this plugin anyway, so why not get some extra use out of it?

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Gravity Forms for Basically Anything

For a long time, I couldn’t understand all the hype over Gravity Forms. There are numerous free contact form plugins that are pretty good, however, after using Gravity Forms I can’t imagine using any other form plugin.

Beyond creating awesome forms, Gravity Forms has multiple add-ons that truly make it the utility knife of form plugins. This year alone I have used Gravity Forms to create a donation form, an event sign-up form, a survey, capture emails and even used it to create a form to allow users to submit posts/content from the front-end of a website.

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  • Gabriel Bajada

    Thanks for this Jeremy. One of the plugins I always use with Joints is WP Types ( It’s awesome and it’s free. It allows you to create Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and even User fields. Enjoy.

    • Jeremy Englert

      That looks pretty awesome. Do you prefer it over Custom Post Type UI? That seems to be my go-to plugin for creating custom post types.

      I still have a bad habit of creating my custom post types in a functions file.

      • Gabriel Bajada

        WOW… Sorry for the late reply. I’ve never tried Custom Post Type UI before to be honest, but WP Types offers custom fields and custom taxonomies too. I find it really easy to use.

        • John Crumpton

          I used to use Custom Post Types UI, however have switched to WP Types due to the more polished look and the fact you can add the CPT to the left admin menu and choose an icon.