CodeKit Install

JointsWP comes with a CodeKit configuration file. Simply add your JointsWP project to CodeKit like you would any other project and code away.

  • Ash

    Just taking the JointsWP codekit.config file for a spin. I have been meaning to have a look at this too – so thanks for the start.

    It looks as if login.scss and styles.scss compile to css/styles.css and css/login.css – but from here they don’t compile into the .min files which are enqueued by WordPress? I don’t know if it’s possible to process an output file in CodeKit? – so these may have to compile/minify straight to the .min versions?

    With the Javascript, does Codekit allow for any of the Gulp features such as only compiling the required Foundation components into foundation.min.js and watching the /scripts folder and compiling all to scripts.js?


    • Jeremy Englert

      On the next update, I’ll probably have the theme enqueue non-minified files by default. With CodeKit, I don’t think it’s possible to have it output a minified AND regular file.

      As far as I know, CodeKit doesn’t offer the same flexibility as Gulp when it comes to compiling only the JS files you want. However, it looks like it would be possible to setup something somewhat similar – check this out:

      I definitely think the CodeKit config file can use some work and am open to any feedback you have.

  • John Chaka

    Hi Jeremy, I’m having issues with codekit right out of the box. It’s compiling just fine and I’m seeing the changes in a standard browser, but when I preview with code kit, zero styles exist. I’m not wanting you dig into this, just seeing if there was an issue you already knew about. Thanks.

    • John Chaka

      Here is what I can see is happening. It’s duplicated src urls twice? See example.

      • John Chaka

        This is resolved. I was not using standard dev url MAMP. I was using “sitename” for the name of the server instead of something like “”. Fixed everything. I chalk this up as a rookie mistake.

  • Huw Rowlands

    Hi. I can’t seem to get any animations working, not sure if it’s something wrong with the theme setup? I’m using SASS and Codekit. Everything compiles are works fine except animations. I’ve added:

    .site-logo { @include mui-animation(hinge(top, center)); animation-duration: 2s; }

    to the my site logo sass file. But the logo doesn’t animate. Any help would be appreciated.