CSS Version

The CSS version of the theme works just like all other WordPress themes.

Installation through WP Dashboard

  1. Download the JointsWP zip file
  2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Select “Appearance” and then “Themes”
  4. Select “Add New”
  5. Select “Upload Theme”
  6. Upload the JointsWP zip file

Adding New Themes Manually (FTP)

  1. Download the JointsWP zip file and extract the contents – rename the folder
  2. Upload the theme to the wp-content/themes directory
  3. Activate your theme in the WP Dashboard

Editing CSS Files

The stylesheet can be found in the assets/css directory.

  • David Ehrhardt

    i installed the CSS-Version of JointsWP but if I define any rules in style.css they do not work. Can you help me?

    • David Ehrhardt

      solved… now i switched so the scss version… works great .. i like

      • Stewart Canahui

        how did you switch to scss version?

    • Jeremy Englert

      Were you putting the styles in the assets/css/styles.css file? The style.css in the main directory isn’t used – it’s just required by WordPress.

  • Chad Gray

    Nice and clean (appearance and code)! Everything works great so far. Thanks for this!

  • Greg


    Really liking the current version, wishing I had time to change old sites to new. Someday!

    However, I noticed something that seemed odd to me when playing with .top-bar-section .top-bar-menu/.sub-menu hover colors. Hoping you can give me a pointer.

    I am able to get all colors to work the way I want. But there’s a bit of weirdness:

    e.g. I can use http://codepen.io/izzaboo/pen/xwVQjp.css * and I get correct hovering and whatnot. But…

    Without that, the parent goes back to the default #333333 when moving mouse to children of dropdown. According to Chrome tools, #333333 is loading from assets/scss/foundation/components/_top-bar.scss. See attached pic.

    I’m using CSS version. And I don’t see that directory in assets. ??? Is JS in play here in some way that might be messing with me?

    I’m sure there’s something really simple that I’m missing. Got any ideas what it might be?



    * that CSS on codepen may have redundancies, but it is still a work in progress.

    • Greg

      By “without that” I mean without

      .top-bar-section li.has-dropdown:not(.has-form) a:not(.button).

      Regardless, chrome shows it is loading _top-bar.scss. *shrug*

  • Jeff B

    Hi, Thanks a lot for this good theme. I try using Beaver Builder plugin but it not works with JointsWP. The plugin seems just not responding. This plugin works fine with all the themes I have tested. Do you think it’s a JointsWP problem ?
    I’m using WordPress last stable version of WordPress. I’ve got the same problem with the CSS or SASS version of JointsWP.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Jeremy Englert

      There is an issue with how jQuery is bundled with the Vendor files. I’ll get this fixed today.

      Apparently, some WP plugins look specifically for jQuery to be loaded, so its bundled with other scripts, it isn’t able to find jQuery.

      • Jeff B

        Thanks a lot for your help, hope you’ll find a solution.

        • Jeremy Englert

          This has been resolved. jQuery is now loaded separately from the other vendor files.

          • Jeff B

            The plugin is now working fine with JointsWP theme.
            Thank you so mutch, great job !

    • Jeremy Englert

      This has been resolved.

  • Dmitry

    Hi, Thank you for this theme. Could you advise how I can add “tabs” foundation component in css version? I can’t figure out this.

  • JOduMonT

    Hi, thank for this great works; I try to use the CSS Version and search how to add a main.css for my personnal CSS code.
    I found the enqueue-scripts.php file but don’t understand how to interact with it. Do you have any tips for me ? 🙂

    • Jeremy Englert

      @jodumont:disqus – so so sorry for the slow response. This comment didn’t show up in the dashboard so I completely missed it.

      The stylesheet can be found in the assets/css directory (styles.css). That’s where you’ll want to put your custom CSS.

      • JꙨdцӍoηҬ

        You’re faster than me, because I just saw your answer 😉

  • blasted777

    Hi there, after installation of latest css version available from here and activation theme I see that site still points to old version of Foundation, i.e. foundation.min.css?ver=4.4.2. Why so? In CSS file itself it states that version is actual (Version 6.2.0)

    • Jeremy Englert

      Hi @blasted777:disqus – 4.4.2 is the version of WordPress you are using.

      • blasted777

        Ups… got it)

        • Jeremy Englert

          Awesome! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Dan

    Great theme, I use it all the time. Just a suggestion maybe. Have you ever considered putting in the default breakpoints for the CCS version? I feel like that always the first thing i’m adding to the CCS file. Just so they are already in the files and its not a extra step for users to go look them up and insert them?

    Just a idea.

    • http://www.harcorutgers.nl Harco Rutgers

      Hi Dan, I’m looking to do just that, because I need to change the default breakpoint. I’m not sure how to do this in the CSS version. Can you help?

      • Dan

        I have never changed the breakpoints. I just always have to end up adding my own media queries to the CCS files.

  • van diep

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if i should create a child theme to this as well? because when I create child theme – I have to overwrite a lot of the style.css under assets folder. what would be the ideally way?