Foundation 6 is in Development – What You Need to Know


UPDATED 6/22/15 – Added information about optional build template that will include UnCSS

UPDATED 2/9/15 – Added information about the optional Flexbox Grid and Motion UI integration

The team at ZURB is at it again!

Fresh of the heels of their successful Foundation for Apps launch, the Foundation team has announced they have started the development of Foundation (for Sites) 6. While nothing is official yet, there are some very interesting discussions and comments on GitHub about the newest release of the popular framework.

When will Foundation 6 be released?

It is much too early to make any type of assumption about when Foundation 6 will be released, however, it’s safe to say it will be in development for at least the next few months.

What will be new?

As noted above, nothing has been made official, but the ZURB team has given some indication of their plans for the new release.

The Grid – Awesome Gets Awesome-er

The grid system has always been one of the most useful and powerful features packaged into Foundation. However, in the last couple of years, new grid system frameworks (Susy, Zen, Singularity) have been gaining popularity. Look for the next version of the Foundation grid to include multiple grid column counts and simpler Sass markup – allowing it to compete with these more advanced grid systems.

Flexbox was used in Foundation for Apps and will most likely be included in Foundation 6 as an optional grid system.

Slimming Down – Some Components May be Deprecated

I was excited to hear that there are plans to cut back on the amount of components and plugins found in the core of the framework. Here are some of the components likely to be deprecated:

  • Block grid – not necessarily deprecated, but will be merged into the primary grid
  • Top bar – will be replaced by a new, less opinionated version
  • Orbit – Orbit was actually deprecated in an earlier version of Foundation, however, it may return as a simple image slider with basic features
  • Clearing
  • Pricing tables

Some components may be taken out of the core and become their own “plugins” which can easily be added to Foundation projects. There has also been discussions of adding new components such as a mega menu and a sticky navigation.

Components Re-Written for Accessibility

Foundation 5 took large leaps in terms of accessibility and the goal for Foundation 6 is for all components to be 100% accessible.

Foundation JavaScript Re-Written from Scratch

The JavaScript packaged with Foundation 5 is nearly 18 months old, which has led the Foundation team to lean towards re-writing it from scratch. They also plan on integrating a ‘Common API’ for JavaScript components to take advantage of. This should make working with JavaScript components much easier as they will all share a common set of commands.

Motion UI Integration

The Motion UI uses Sass mixins and CSS animations to create easy-to-use animation effects. The Motion UI was originally part of the Foundation for Apps framework, but all indications point to it being included in Foundation 6.

Update Optional Build Templates and UnCSS

The Foundation team recently posted on the forums that Foundation 6 “will have an optional build template, like Assemble with UnCSS included into the build.”

While UnCSS in itself is awesome, I think the more exciting news is optional build templates. Similar to how Foundation 6 will offer additional features as “plugins”, it sounds like they will also offer additional build templates that can be used for different purposes. Imagine having a Grunt file pre-setup for WordPress development, or a Grunt file specific to rapid prototyping – these build templates could be huge time savers.

How can I get involved?

The Foundation Team is looking to the community for ideas and feedback on Foundation 6. They recently gathered all of the feedback from GitHub and moved it to a public Trello board so the community can vote on upcoming features – check it out here. If you have any ideas on how Foundation can be improved, now is your chance to get involved.

Which Foundation 6 feature are you most excited for? Comment below!

  • Rafi

    Awesome write-up Jeremy! We’re looking forward to make another amazing version of Foundation for you all!

    • Jeremy Englert

      Excited to see what the Yeti brings us this time around!

  • Luke Hewlett

    Nice! Any idea how soon we’ll see the new Foundation in JointsWP?

    • Jeremy Englert

      From my understanding, the grid class names will be staying the same. Which should make upgrading from Foundation 5 to Foundation 6 extremely easy. Hoping to include F6 in JointsWP as soon as it is available.

      • RafiBomb

        The grid classes will be the same. We are rewriting a ton of SCSS and JS so there won’t be a direct upgrade path. You grid structure will stay the same.

  • MasterOfTheUniverse

    Can’t wait for foundation new version. I Hope it come soon.

    • Rafi

      Will been sooner than expected! We’re collecting feedback now and are starting to build now as well. Get your votes in on the Trello board!

  • Perry Kibler

    Awesome news. Thanks Foundation team for all the hard work. Foundation 5.5 is incredible, I can’t wait to see 6.

    • RafiBomb

      Thanks Perry! We’ll keep you updated on the process along with Jeremy,

  • swaranan singha barman

    HI Rafi, Is foundation 6 is integrated with Angular js??

    • Chris Thomson

      Hi Swaranan – this is Foundation for Sites. You can use it with AngularJS, but it’s Foundation for Apps that is integrated with AngularJS.

      Disclaimer: I am not part of ZURB.

      • RafiBomb

        Thanks Chris!

    • Jeremy Englert

      I haven’t heard anything about Angular being integrated with Foundation 6 (for Sites).

    • RafiBomb

      Angular is great for creating web apps so we created Foundation for Apps for this purpose.

  • Simon Vincent

    Any news on a release date yet? Looking to rebuild my WordPress Framework (currently using F5) and seems silly to include a soon to be outdated version of Foundation.

    • Jeremy Englert

      @simon_vincent:disqus, from my understanding, the ZURB team is shooting for a release near the “end of summer” and we should have an official release date soon. Which framework did you develop?

      • Simon Vincent

        Hi, it’s our own ‘in-house’ framework we use for client sites.

  • Scott H

    Newbie question (It’s ok — I’m not afraid to admit it): With F6 arriving soon with some seemingly large changes, what’s the procedure for using it with Joints? Will updating the core files with Bower be all that’s needed, or will you have to rework Joints to work with F6? Just trying to figure out whether to start a project with Joints/F5 or wait until the new Foundation is out. Thanks for any info/clarification.

    • Jeremy Englert

      Not a newb question at all – in fact, it gets quite complex.

      I normally wouldn’t recommend updating a website built in Foundation 5 to Foundation 6. With so many changes being made, it may be difficult to ensure a website doesn’t break when updating Foundation.

      You wouldn’t rebuild the foundation of a new house because a stronger concrete became available.

      Note – JointsWP will be updated to Foundation 6 shortly after it launches.

      • Scott H

        Ah, that makes complete sense. Many thanks for the clarification!