Getting Involved with JointsWP

One of the greatest assets to JointsWP is the community that has built up around it. Whether it was by submitting a pull request on GitHub or sharing the project on Twitter, users from all over the world have contributed in some fashion.

However, up until this point, there hasn’t been a recommended way to make feature requests or discuss upcoming changes  – I’m going to fix that.

There will now be a “feedback wanted” label on GitHub that will be used as a way to discuss potential changes to the theme. There are already two great threads awaiting community feedback:

I want to encourage all users to get involved on those threads – as those threads are going to help shape the future of the theme.

  • Lee Honeycutt


    I would be willing to help out with documentation on the site. Just let me know where you greatest need is on docs.

    — Lee

    • Jeremy Englert

      @leehoneycutt:disqus – that would be awesome! Let me look into options to make the docs more community driven. Also, I’ll dive into the analytics and see which pages people seem to be spending the most time on.

      Are there any sore spots you’ve identified in the docs?

      • Lee Honeycutt

        Not really. Perhaps the one on how to update to new versions of Foundation. Let me know what the Analytics say.

        • Jeremy Englert

          Some of these surprised me.

          In order from most page views to the least.


          • Lee Honeycutt

            Which ones surprised you the most? I’d love to see more GA data like time-on page and bounce rate. Is this ranking from data for the past month only?

  • JoelEade

    I’d be willing to help, where I can 🙂