JointsWP 3 is Fully Baked and Ready for Lunch Launch


While at first glance the changes may look minor, this is the largest change to JointsWP since it launched in late 2013. Because of this, it has also been the most tested version of JointsWP – being available on GitHub many months prior to its official launch today.

File Structure

The first thing you’ll notice is that the file structure has changed in JointsWP 3. In my opinion, the file structure of a theme (especially developer themes) is extremely important and often overlooked.

  • /library is now /assets
  • /partials is now /parts
  • joints.php is gone – it was essentially just a second functions file anyway
  • Each function is now its own file, found in the assets/functions directory
  • Many of the Sass files have been removed (small.scss, medium.scss, large.scss, etc.)

Gulp Support

While Gulp is not required, JointsWP 3 comes packaged with Gulp support. There are many benefits to using Gulp including:

  • Compile and minify your Sass and JS files quickly (even faster than Grunt)
  • Concatenate JS files – JointsWP uses Gulp to compile all of your custom scripts into a production ready, minified JS file
  • Less bloat – easily remove unused Foundation components from your install

If you aren’t already using Gulp (or Grunt), I highly recommend you check it out. However, you can still use CodeKit, Compass or whatever you want to compile your files – it’s completely up to you.

But seriously, check out Gulp. You won’t regret it.

Improved Grid Archive and Accordion Archive

While the Grid Archive and Accordion Archive have been packaged into JointsWP for awhile, they were never the easiest features to use – that has been fixed.

Simply use  get_template_part( 'parts/loop', 'archive-grid' ); or get_template_part( 'parts/loop', 'archive-accordion' ); to call the archive style of your choice.

Other Notable Changes

  • Translation support turned on by default
  • Custom post type feature turned off by default
  • Screenshot.png adjusted for HD/Retina devices
  • Removed rarely used CSS classes from Sass files
  • Fixed many translation issues

What’s Coming Next?

Foundation 6 is coming soon and will be integrated into JointsWP when it arrives. Basic customizer support and improved documentation are also on the roadmap.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know below.

  • Dylan Ryan
    • Jeremy Englert

      This wins.

  • Devin Walker

    Congrats on the lunch!

    • Jeremy Englert

      Thanks @dlocc:disqus! Let me know if you take it for a spin.

  • jkinley

    Jeremy, thanks again for your dedication to this project. I am very excited to get started with V3. I know you must be busy, but a little primer regarding Gulp and Joints would be very helpful. I have started reading about Gulp, but most intros are not in the context of WP or Joints. Thanks again.

    • Jeremy Englert

      jkinley – sorry about that. I’m actually working on docs now and hope to have them up by this weekend.

      However, here is the basic rundown for Gulp with JointsWP.

      1. Install node.js –
      2. Using the command line, navigate to your theme directory
      3. Run ‘npm install’ from the command line
      4. Run ‘gulp’ from the command line to confirm everything is working

      Gulp is awesome. It takes a little bit to get used to (especially if you hate the command line like I do), but once you get over that hump, its hard to imagine developing without it.

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  • Joshua McFaul

    Thanks @jeremyenglert, I’m excited to see what JointsWP 3 can do!

    I’m curious why you’ve moved away from the small, med, and large stylesheets – is it a matter of preference, or do you think it’s more efficient to keep elements together this way with the sass media queries?

    • Jeremy Englert

      Hey Joshua McFaul, check out this article:

      Essentially, it makes overwriting nested styles for different screens much easier and cleaner. With the “old” technique, you’d have to re-write a lot of code to overwrite a nested style.

      • beardsavvy

        Super, thanks!

  • Marvin Sohiong

    Nice one!

  • Ryan Archer

    Now that Foundation 6 is almost ready for release, do you have intentions to release a future version of JointsWP with F6 baked in?