JointsWP Updated to Foundation 6.2

Right on the heels of yesterday’s release that added Browsersync and Source Maps, JointsWP now includes Foundation 6.2. The new release fixes many issues, including many of the bugs that plagued the navigation menus since the 6.0 release.

This was a fairly large update that included updating all of the JS components to ES2015 and the creation of customizable color palettes (seriously, check these out – cool stuff!). For a full list of what’s changed, be sure to check out the 6.2 release on GitHub.

If you’re migrating an existing website, be sure to check out the 6.2 migration guide.

Have any questions about the new release? Let’s chat below!

  • Marvin Sohiong

    I can say that was fast! Do you have plans uploading this to wordpress themes?

  • varma

    Hey, can i know how to upgrade my Jointswp installation to the latest Foundation version… will updating the vendor folder will work?

  • Lee Honeycutt

    Jeremy, when you get a chance, could you float us some instructions on updating to Foundation 6.2 within Joints WP. I seem to recall such instructions in a previous post somewhere.

    — Lee

  • Warren Nyuli

    I’m trying a Reveal Modal in a page and it doesn’t seem to work. Is this available?

    • Jeremy Englert

      It’s working in the demo here:

      Do you have a link?

      • Warren Nyuli

        Thanks for the demo link. Should have looked there. The demo code works in my page so it must have been a typo or something. Thanks for the world record fast response and for creating this wordpress template! Have a great rest of your day!