Why You Don’t Need to Update JointsWP or Foundation

As WordPress users, we’ve been trained to keep all components of our WordPress install – plugins, themes, core, etc – completely up-to-date to avoid security issues. In fact, the number one question I get about JointsWP is: how do I update JointsWP and/or Foundation?

Here’s the answer: you shouldn’t.

The Case for Not Updating

JointsWP is meant to be the foundation (pun not intended) of your WordPress theme. If you were building a house, JointsWP would be the bricks and wood that hold the house together. If a new type of brick came out, would you completely tear down your house just to use the new type of brick? Highly unlikely.

When starting a new project, you should always use the most up to date version of JointsWP and Foundation. However, when working on existing projects, there is absolutely no need to update. Unlike WordPress and WordPress plugins, there is no security threat to running older versions.

I have many, many websites that are running Foundation 5 using older versions of JointsWP. These websites will never see updated versions of JointsWP/Foundation unless they are completely rebuilt.

Clarification Note: Updating Foundation is extremely easy in JointsWP and you should totally do it if you are experiencing Foundation related bugs. However, migrating a website between major versions (for example from Foundation 5 to Foundation 6) is not recommended. 

Build on.

  • http://www.covanant.net/ Glenton Samuels

    This is true, I just completed migrating my site Mixtape.tv from Foundation 5 to 6 and it was rough.

  • http://beardsavvy.ca Joshua M

    Agreed wholeheartedly, a solid foundation retains value over the long term. With each new major release of WordPress, I’ve been having trouble with premium themes – updating them is sometimes mandatory, and really annoying depending on how much has changed. I’m going to add this to the reasons I give my clients when they are considering a bespoke website – I first used Foundation in 2013, and that site is still ticking away just fine.

  • http://www.bj2design.com/ Bjarni Wark

    Thanks for this advice, good to know.

  • Jack Fearing

    Hey Jeremy, speaking of updating foundation, I was wondering if you were planning on updating your github build to the latest version of foundation which I think is 6.2.3 or if not, where are you downloading your foundation specific files for joints so I could add them myself?


    • Jeremy Englert

      Hi Jack, I pushed an update to bump Foundation up to 6.2.3.

      • Jack Fearing

        Thanks Jeremy. Also, where are you pulling the 6.2.3 files? Are you using the sass download from foundation via this link? http://foundation.zurb.com/sites/download/

        Reason I ask is because when I complied there scripts it seemed to still have v.6.2.2 even though the min version was 6.2.3. When I inspected the the ‘foundation.core.js’ file located in the vendor/foundation-sites/js folder is still had v6.2.2 which is what I thin was causing it. Any thoughts?