Start with a Solid Foundation!

JointsWP is a blank WordPress theme built with Foundation 6, giving you all the power and flexibility you need to build complex, mobile friendly websites without starting from scratch.

A Modern Workflow You’ll Love

This theme is meant to be your starting point, not the end product. No need to use child themes. It is not full of shortcodes (that you’ll probably never use) or functions that you’ll probably end up removing anyway.

Save time and modernize your workflow with the included Gulp setup. With just a few commands, you can quickly compile Sass files, minify JS files, watch files for changes and so much more.

Pick Your Style – Sass or CSS

Take advantage of the power of Sass using variables, mixins, nesting and more. Not feeling Sassy? No problem! A full CSS version is also available.

Want to learn more?

Well, you’re weird. But you can learn more by checking out the docs.