Custom Post Types

In the assets/functions/custom-post-type.php file, you will find a template for setting up your own custom post types.

This feature is disabled by default. To enable, uncomment Line #34 in the functions.php file.

  • Brian Tippets

    Another newbie question from me: Is there any further documentation about custom post types? This has always been an area that’s a a little hazy for me. I’m able to to enable this and see it in the admin, but I’m struggling with exactly how you apply it if, say, I’m wanting to build a Portfolio custom post type with different taxonomies. I know I can Google this and find a bunch of tutorials on how to manually create custom posts or use different plugins to accomplish it, but I’m specifically asking about this implementation method as opposed to those, why it’s different (or perhaps better), etc.


    • Jeremy Englert

      Hi Brian,

      Essentially this is the same was as doing it “manually”. I’ve just included the files to make it easier to get started. Many people will argue that Custom Post Types are best created with plugins, but sometimes its nice to have the post type built directly into the theme.

  • Anthony Gomes

    Quick question for clarification. If I have a site with multiple different custom post types, do I create a separate custom-post-type.php for each one, and call each in functions.php? Or do I just stack the custom-post-types in the one custom-post-type.php file, and call it the once in functions.php? Thanks for a kick ass theme…

  • Dan

    Hi, I just download your theme. Great theme by the way I have uses it alot. But this time when I got it and tried to set up custom post types with the info you provided right out of the box they are not working. It just brings me to a 404 page.

    This is no edits whatsoever just uncommenting the custom post type scrip in the functions.php file

    Any insite on this would be great.


    • Jeremy Englert

      Try resaving the permalinks.

      • Dan

        ahhhh, yes. the last step.


  • Adminmin

    I want to make the the posts on the index page 4 columns instead of 8, where should I do this?
    Any advice would be great

  • Ken Mau

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’ve created a CPT called “itineraries” and have built taxonomies specifically for it only.
    Will I be duplicating the taxonomy-custom_cat.php page and turning it to taxonomy-itineraries.php ?

    I display a link on the individual itinerary page to the category it belongs to and would like to display all those itineraries that belong to that category but I keep getting

    The article you were looking for was not found, but maybe try looking again!

    Thank you!

    • Jeremy Englert

      Try resaving your permalinks.

      You’ll need to create an archive-itineraries.php file for the CPT archive.

      • Ken Mau

        Resaving the permalinks did it. Thanks Jeremy.

      • Joshua McFaul

        Cue several minutes of confusion. It comes up infrequently enough that I always forget! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Coldhands

    I LOVE JointsWP, been using it for all recent projects but I’ve come into an issue I can’t figure out. I’ve recently created a CPT with taxonomies but the categories aren’t displaying in the byline. I’ve tried reinstalling JointsWP, using the provided CPT php file, creating my own CPT php file directly from WP codex, disabling all plugins… I’m at a loss any suggestions?

    JointsWP v. 4.0
    WP v. 4.5

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • delvedesign

    Hi, great theme. One question: How do I register 4 widget areas in the footer.php file using your functions.php file?

    • delvedesign

      managed to get it done.