Getting Started – CSS

The CSS version of the theme works just like all other WordPress themes.

Installation through WP Dashboard

  1. Download the JointsWP zip file
  2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Select “Appearance” and then “Themes”
  4. Select “Add New”
  5. Select “Upload Theme”
  6. Upload the JointsWP zip file

Adding New Themes Manually (FTP)

  1. Download the JointsWP zip file and extract the contents – rename the folder
  2. Upload the theme to the wp-content/themes directory
  3. Activate your theme in the WP Dashboard

Editing CSS Files

The stylesheet can be found in the assets/css directory.

Want to suggest or contribute changes to these docs? The JointsWP documentation is now hosted on GitHub! View or Edit this page on GitHub.