Flex Video Embeds

Flex Video is an awesome feature found in Foundation that allows for the use of responsive video embeds from websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Using WordPress, you can simply paste a video link into the visual editor and it will automatically embed the video.

JointsWP will automatically wrap all YouTube and Vimeo embeds with a flex video wrapper.

This function can be found in the assets/js/scripts.js file. If you’re using Gulp, it can be found in the assets/js/scripts/wp-foundation.js¬†file.

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    Hello World!

  • Andrew Sepic

    Hi Jeremy, This sounds like it makes things easier for embeds, but I had an issue with not being able to change the aspect ratio within the flex video wrapper. I wanted to add a class of ‘widescreen’ as the video I had was 16:9 but the auto wrapper you created can’t do that so I was getting big black areas around the video.

    For now I’ve disabled the auto wrap feature, but I think with some pretty simple code I could retrieve iframe height & widths, run a simple calculation and then add in the widescreen class if the 16:9 is detected.