Grid Archive

Using JointsWP, you can easily display your posts in a grid format. The Grid Archive uses Foundation’s Equalizer to ensure all posts are the same height, which keeps the grid intact.

In index.php or archive.php find:

<?php get_template_part( 'parts/loop', 'archive' ); ?>

Change to:

<?php get_template_part( 'parts/loop', 'archive-grid' ); ?>

Grid Archive Options

It is very easy to adjust the number of columns in the grid. Simply adjust the $grid_columns variable in parts/loop-archive-grid.php to the amount of columns you want to display. Then adjust the grid to your desired settings on line #13.

Grid Archive Demo

  • KirstyVA

    I can’t get joints_page_navi(); in the loop-archive-grid.php to work. I set my index to archive-grid and I have set my posts to 8 per page. I have 10 posts published and the navigation I expect to see for the previous posts does not show. I looked at your demo to see if I can see it in action but I can’t see it there, so I am not sure if it is something I have done wrong or whether there is problem in the theme?

    • Jeremy Englert

      @kirstyva:disqus, sorry for my slow response! It’s been a busy week.

      Check out this:

      Does that help?

      • KirstyVA

        Yes great got it working and learnt something new! Thanks for making such a great theme 🙂

  • olivier requet

    Hi, i’m playing with the custom_type and i have pain to display the posts in the archive page with either the loop archive grid or accordion. the archive page display fine with the regular loop-archive.php but with the two other all posts (not only my custom_type posts) are fetched. Do you have an idea ?

  • Rob Suckley

    where is the $grid_columns variable? which file? cheers

  • designworksdan

    Hello, why are full posts displaying on my archive pages? In my Reading settings, I’ve got Summary chosen for “For each article in a feed, show.” Is there any other setting that I missed?

    • designworksdan

      Never mind. Using the_excerpt() instead of the_content() worked.

  • designworksdan

    I’m back. I can’t seem to get the “Read More” link to appear on my archive pages. Please see:

    Initially I was using the original code in line 26 of loop-archive-grid.php:

    the_content('Read more...');

    The “Read More” link/button didn’t appear then.

    I wanted to limit the number of characters displayed so I went ahead and changed the code to:

    echo substr(get_the_excerpt('' . __( 'Read more...', 'jointswp' ) . ''), 0,136);

    The “Read More” link/button still does not display. Do you know how to resolve this?

  • Oscar Xarco

    Hi Jeremy, i have a little question.

    Im using the grid template (index) and i want to display the posts by category. 10 posts for one category, other 10 for the next category and so on.

    Any hint?

  • Mark Jenkins

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great work on this project, thank you.

    I’m using the theme as a basis for a project I’m working on and would love to use the Grid Archive template to display a series of custom post types of “Project”.

    Seem to be struggling a little in getting this working, is there something I need to do with the query?

    Thank you

    • Mark Jenkins

      I should add, I am trying to use it on a custom page template too, so not with index.php or archive.php

  • Alessia_Brindisi

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for your work, I love it.

    I have a little issue.

    I’m using a Grid Archive for my index page, but i want to separate the first post from the equalizer.

    How i can do this?

    Thank you,