Title Bar

This menu uses the Responsive Toggle components in Foundation 6 which functions similar to the Foundation 5 menu. To use this menu type, change the template part in header.php to:

<?php get_template_part( 'parts/nav', 'title-bar' ); ?>

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  • Penny Badowska

    I have just downloaded the latest JointsWP, and there seems to be something wrong with my navigation. The navigation just shows on medium screen – nothing on large screen, and no burger icon on my mobile screen, just MENU, so nothing to click on. I haven’t changed any of the files yet.

    Any ideas?


    • Jeremy Englert

      Do you have a link I can take a peak at?

      • Penny Badowska

        Sorry for delay in replying – it was a foundation shortcodes plug-in that was causing a conflict. All fine now.

        Thank You!

  • Penny Badowska

    Correction – there is no MENU on mobile screen, just my site name

  • Penny Badowska

    Sorry, Jeremy, thought I’d updated this too – I realised it was a wordpress plug-in that was corrupting things – works well now.

    Thank you for this fab theme!

  • Penny Badowska

    Sorry for yet another question.

    Are foundation icons included? If so, how do I access them? If not, where do I put the downloaded folder, and how do I call them?

    Thanks again, both for the excellent theme, and your repeated support

  • http://iamchaka.com John Chaka

    Hi Jeremy. Are there any known issues with the sub nav of the Title Bar showing inline on mobile instead of block? Days under the ‘Schedule’ parent should be stacked. I think it was in my modified template, but I’m getting it also on a fresh install of JointsWP. Thanks for any info.

    • http://iamchaka.com John Chaka

      I think it has something to do with .is-accordion-submenu a being set to display:table-cell. When I overrode with with display:block, it was all fixed. This might be a typical override that I’m considering an issue, so it may be just me.

      • Jeremy Englert

        You may have to adjust the “.vertical” and “.horizontal” classes. But it looks like your solution worked as well!

  • http://wwww.numero7.ch olivier requet

    Hey i’m trying to animate the title bar menu on mobile with motion ui but with no luck. the basic toggle function of the bar just swap the display attribute of the top-bar-menu but i cannot add some “data-animate”. is it possible ? or do you have an idea ? thanks a lot.

    • Jeremy Englert

      @olivierrequet:disqus, this isn’t something I’ve ever tried before. It may be worth asking on the Foundation forums – as I’m sure others would be curious as well.

      • http://wwww.numero7.ch olivier requet

        Hey i will investigate and get back to you if i have something to share 🙂

  • Mike Langone

    How do you change the title bar break point to a custom one? I have about 10 nav items and anything below 910px starts squishing them together.

  • spk

    Is the Responsive Toggle component used here compatible with Sticky…

    I would like stick the menu to the top of the screen (on mobile at least) but my efforts following the Sticky example here (http://foundation.zurb.com/sites/docs/sticky.html) are not going well.

    Does anyone have an idea how to pull this off?

  • Celia Flores

    How can I show dropdown menu full grid width as the design shows,

    Any idea?